A lot of the families I consult with are concerned that they’re going to have to take on the costs of their parents’ care. In most states, the answer is no. If the individual does not have the means and income to pay for their own care, they’re typically going to be eligible for Medicaid or, in the case of a veteran, they may be eligible for veterans’ benefits to assist with the costs of care. You should be aware, however, that some states do have what are known as [philial 00:28] responsibility statutes, which may require the children to pay for their parents’ in the event they run out of money. In Indiana, for example, such statute exists, but we don’t enforce it currently. But, there are other states like Pennsylvania where that statute may be enforced and require the children to provide for the cost of their parents’ care.

So, make sure you seek out good council with regard to the potential need for support of your older loved ones.