The cost of legal services is a concern for every client. The attorneys at Rebecca W. Geyer & Associates, PC make every effort to minimize the costs and expenses of legal representation. Whenever possible, Rebecca W. Geyer & Associates, PC offers legal guidance at a fixed fee. By offering legal services at a fixed fee, Rebecca W. Geyer & Associates, PC ensures your concerns may be addressed without the ongoing stress of an increasing legal bill.

In some instances, it is impossible to determine a fixed fee in advance and other fee arrangements must be made. Fees charged are based on several factors, including the estimated time required to complete the necessary work, the overall complexity of the legal questions involved, and the experience of the attorneys performing the services.

Rebecca W. Geyer & Associates, PC accepts payment by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. The firm will, under certain circumstances, also enter into payment plan arrangements and/or bi-weekly billing to assist clients.