Introducing Jude Byanski

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2021 | advisors, Elder law, Estate Planning, estate planning documents

Following a decade of experience in the practice of elder law and estate planning in Ohio and Indiana, Jude Byanski is the newest associate at Geyer Law. Caring for the integrity of individuals and the legacies they wish to leave, Jude is consumed by what he dubs the “fire of advocacy”. Educating community members on ways to preserve and protect assets in the face of escalating healthcare costs is an important aspect of his mission, he explains.

As an officer and board member of the Estate planning Council of Indianapolis, Byanski applauds a change now in effect in Indiana, in which healthcare documents (including the Healthcare Power of Attorney and the Living Will) have been being consolidated into a single advanced directive document, also addressing matters of comfort care and final wishes.

With community service part and parcel of building his own legacy, Jude serves on the Riley Children’s Foundation Professional Advisors Council and is a member of Broad Ripple Kiwanis.

Readers can look forward to blog posts authored by Rebecca E. Geyer’s newest associate.

– by Ronnie of the Rebecca W Geyer & Associates blog team