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Estate Administration And Probate: What You Need To Know

After a loved one passes away, their estate must be collected and managed. Managing their estate can be difficult. There are many moving parts and it’s easy for details to slip through the cracks.

The team at Rebecca W. Geyer & Associates P.C. understands how complicated estate administration can be and is here to help. We have represented clients throughout central Indiana since 1999. Let us provide the thorough legal assistance you need during this stressful time. We take care of all the details so you don’t have to.

What Is The Role Of An Executor?

Estate administration involves gathering property, distributing the deceased’s assets and paying any remaining debts. An executor is named in the will to handle the details of the estate. If no one is listed as executor in the will, the court will appoint one. Usually, the surviving spouse or another family member is chosen. Executors are also responsible for making sure the deceased’s last wishes are granted in terms of their property and possessions.

Serving as the executor of an estate can be a time consuming and stressful. We can assume these responsibilities for you, so you can focus on moving forward after your loved one’s passing.

What Should You Expect From Probate?

Most estates undergo probate as part of the estate administration process. During probate, a will is presented and the court ensures that the property is divided according to the deceased’s wishes.

In most cases, probate is uncontested. However, a family member can contest probate if they believe that the will is invalid. Whether probate is contested or uncontested, there are many detailed processes to follow. Our firm can help you avoid mistakes and make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.

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Working with a knowledgeable attorney can make the estate administration process much easier on you and your family. Rebecca Geyer is a board-certified estate planning and administration specialist. Let our firm and our experience help you during this difficult time.

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