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Caring For Generations

Experienced Lawyers Handling Same-Sex Legal Issues

In recent years, the laws for same-sex couples have greatly evolved. You and your spouse may not know how to best manage your estate plan to protect benefits and children in light of these legal changes.

No couple is the same. You need an attorney who can evaluate your situation and meet your goals. The staff at Rebecca W. Geyer & Associates P.C. understands Indiana laws for same-sex couples and can help you prepare for the future.

Creating An Estate Plan That Works For You

Planning for the future is imperative, and you need an estate plan that matches your goals. Together we will develop a plan that reduces uncertainty and allows you to confidently approach your goals for financial security.

Like many couples, you may be unsure where to start. In the beginning, it’s important for spouses to name each other as beneficiaries in their wills and trusts. You should also specify the exact nature of your relationship. This can prevent disgruntled family members from contesting your will if you leave everything to your spouse. If you have children, you should also make sure that both spouses are legally named their parents. This may require undergoing a formal stepparent adoption.

We Can Help — Call Our Office Today

Our firm can help with many complex legal issues that are even more complicated for same-sex couples. A few of them include:

  • Joint income tax filing
  • Gifts and gift splitting (transfer of assets no longer results in gift taxes)
  • Inherited IRA
  • Spousal consent
  • Social Security benefits

Let us help you make the important decisions. We are here to listen and guide you. Call our office today in Carmel at 317-973-0237 or fill out our online form.