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Caring For Generations

Protecting Your Loved One With Special Needs

Planning for your family’s future is important. This is especially true if one of your loved ones has special needs and requires long-term assistance. At Rebecca W. Geyer & Associates P.C., we understand your loved one’s needs. We have developed personalized estate plans for many Indiana families that offer ongoing protection for special needs individuals. Whether you are planning for your child’s long-term care or the care of a special needs adult, we are here to help.

Establishing A Special Needs Trust

A special needs trust can significantly help your loved one by providing ongoing financial resources. This is a unique type of trust specifically designed for someone with physical and/or mental disabilities, including those who are unable to manage their own finances.

Our firm will help you create a trust that has your loved one’s specific needs, lifestyle and future in mind. Most importantly, we can protect their eligibility to receive government benefits.

Naming The Right Guardian

Our team can also help you name an appropriate guardian. Typically, the guardian is a family member or an individual close to your family. A third party can also be appointed by the court.

The guardian plays an important role in your loved one’s care, especially if you are no longer able to watch out for their best interests, so it is vital to choose someone you trust. However, guardians are required to always act in the best interests of the special needs individual they care for. If they fail to do so, the court can step in.

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