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Can you protect the future of your loved one with special needs?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2019 | Special Needs Planning

Caring for your family member who is special needs and requires significant assistance with day-to-day tasks can be challenging at times, no doubt. However, you enjoy the satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that you are providing the highest quality of care in an environment that is full of love and acceptance. However, what can you do to protect your loved one’s well-being if you are incapacitated or pass away?

Preparing for the future is of vital importance for anyone, but it can be especially critical for you if you are the sole caregiver for an individual with special needs. To begin, you should work to have your own affairs in order with specific instructions provided for the people who will be executing your estate plan and overseeing the distribution of your assets. Likewise, you should be thoughtful in who you select to take over the care of your loved one and regularly involve him or her in your daily routine to help build their confidence for when the time comes for them to step up.

According to USA Today, experts recommend that you have a support team composed of individuals who including any trustees or guardians. These individuals are those who you will update regularly on any changes to your estate plan that would affect your family member with special needs. It is also suggested that you secure legal guardianship for your family member long before you anticipate needing someone else’s help. You should also consider the financial impact that caring for your loved one will have on the person you select as his or her guardian so that individual can have time to plan ahead and get their own affairs in order.

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