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Healthy planning can aid you in finding long-term care

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2020 | Medicaid

Long-term care can cost a fortune. You might save your whole life and still not have enough. There are programs in place to help you get the care you need, but that assistance isn’t guaranteed.

A private room in a care facility in Indiana will cost an average of over $100,000 every year. You may think that price is unattainable, but Medicaid could cover the entire cost if you qualify. But meeting the standards can be hard to achieve without the right bit of long-term planning.


You’ll have to determine what applies to Medicaid eligibility when you submit your information. While your age and needs can enter into the equation, your resources will weigh heavily on the final decision. Missing information or falling outside the requirements can result in a denial.

Covering limits

Medicaid isn’t available to everyone, and it can be difficult to know if you’re going to fit the bill:

  • Income: The money coming in, both earned and unearned, can have a bearing on your eligibility. From wages to Social Security Disability, there are many things that could keep you from getting the help you need.
  • Family: Your income will usually tie into the number of people that are in your household. Generally, this is in the sense of your tax household, but often includes your children and any other dependents you claim. The more family members, the higher your income limit.
  • Resources: Assets will also likely count against you. The money in your bank account, stocks and certain types of property can all hold enough value to put your over set limits. Your home, vehicles and retirement savings may not affect your case.

Make sure you get the assistance you need by understanding the regulations set in place. Knowing whether Medicaid is an option for you can be tough, but it is possible to work with what you have to get the proper care.