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What Does Title Insurance Have to Do With Estate Planning and Veterans?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2022 | estate administration, estate and tax planning, Estate Planning, estate planning documents, family caregivers

Estate planning isn’t only about your assets, but if you want to choose who will inherit your possessions and valuables, you need to do estate planning, Investopedia reminds readers. When it comes to real estate assets, the title represents your rights to your property, including your right to transfer it to heirs.

Title professionals examine or research public records to be sure there are no problems or defects that can cause legal issues for someone who buys – or inherits – your home or business property. No homeowner or business buyer wants to inherit debts or legal issues that could interfere with their property rights in the future, “Title Guys” Bill McCammon and David Knowlton explain. As title professionals, they “sweat the small stuff – so you and your heirs won’t have to.

A Transfer on Death Deed can be a great way to ensure your loved ones or beneficiaries get the inheritance you intend, Patrick Hicks writes in, explaining that in essence, you’re naming a beneficiary who will receive the deed to your property after you pass away. One benefit is that the property avoids probate, Hicks adds.

At our Geyer Law estate and business planning firm, where we handle not only estate planning, but also business planning and divorce planning, we know the importance of title searches and title insurance when it comes to avoiding legal hassles often associated with property transfers.

Just one of many “true tale” examples:

C’s mom is in a nursing home and is no longer able to make financial and legal decisions. With her mom now unable to return to the home, C’s daughter G. (C’s only heir), has been left to live alone in the big home. G. turned to Bill McCammon to do a title search. Bill examined the history of the property going back to the beginning of C’s ownership, searching for any judgments or liens against the property over the
past ten years. (Title searches may uncover issues such as forgery, fraud, or even mere clerical errors.) Clearing up errors today will allow G to sell the home to a buyer who will then be able to purchase title insurance.

Meanwhile, McCammon’s MVP colleague David Knowlton, a military veteran himself, enjoys helping disabled individuals and vets work to help get themost benefits for their clients, including savings on VA and FHA loans. An important part of our law practice at Rebecca W. Geyer & Associates is to provide assistance to veterans and their surviving spouses by helping them obtain VA benefits. Even with our attorneys’ years of experience and with all our special VA benefits training, it’s no simple task to help our clients streamline the very cumbersome VA benefits claims process. It is therefore crucial for veterans to have expert advice when it comes to protecting their property rights.

The Title Guys may be contacted as follows:                                               
Bill McCammon 317-445-9952 or via email at [email protected]
David Knowlton 317- 943-3088 or via email at [email protected].

– by Ronnie of the Rebecca W. Geyer blog team