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A basic business plan looks like this

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2022 | business planning

Launching your own company in Indiana can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. It can also be stressful and, perhaps, a bit frightening, at times. Especially if you’re going “all in,” meaning that your new business will be your sole means of income, you’ve got a lot at stake. That’s why it’s important to craft a solid business plan from the start.  

There are several integral components in a basic business plan, although you might wish to incorporate additional elements. The overall gist of a business plan is to state your goals and to also list the steps you plan to take to accomplish them.  

Writing your business summary 

When you’re writing your summary, think of it as similar to pitching a project or idea to an executive team. You can write about the things that give your business a competitive edge in your industry, as well as information about financial advantages, etc. This document, when included in a business plan, is formally known as “an executive summary.”  

Your business plan should give an overall description 

You’ll want to include a description of your business in the plan. What is it and what needs does it serve or products does it sell? Provide a detailed overview of your manufacturing process, if relevant.  

What are your marketing strategies? 

A good business plan will include a section that talks about marketing strategies. How do you stand out from your competitors? This section of your plan should also address advertising and any plans you have for promoting your products or services.  

Who is part of your business team? 

If someone views your business plan, he or she should come to a section that lists all of your executive team members’ names. You may include a short bio or profile snippet next to each person’s name.  

A business plan usually includes a section on finances 

In your executive summary, you state your business goals and the actions you plan to take to bring them to fruition. If you were to think ahead to the future, where do you see your business in three years in a financial sense? The financial section of your business plan is a place for you to think ahead and determine what you think the financial result will be several years down the line.  

What if you simply aren’t sure how to word things? 

Your business plan might be similar to another Indiana business, or it might be vastly different. Every situation is unique. A solid business plan is a great resource that can help you expand and grow in your business. Also, if you are seeking investors, it’s convenient to be able to hand them a copy of your business plan, so that they can read about your company and determine whether they want to give you money.  

It pays to have an adviser review your prospective business plan before implementing it. Together, you can iron out the wrinkles and make sure that you have covered all topics in your plan that help to present a concise and detailed overview of your business.