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Finding Your Space for Disability Parking

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Elder law

Disability parking placards allow you to park in areas designated for disabled drivers. Before applying for a handicap placard for your car, be certain you meet the criteria set by your Department of Motor Vehicles, says Melissa Crumish of If you’re an Indiana resident or an out-of-state resident receiving treatment in Indiana, you’re be eligible for a placard if:

  •  You have a temporary or permanent physical disability that requires you to use a  wheelchair, walker, braces or crutches
  •  You have temporarily or permanently lost the use of one or both legs
  •  You are certified by a doctor as being severely restricted in mobility, either temporarily or  permanently, by a heart condition, arthritis or orthopedic or neurological impairment
  •  You are permanently blind or visually impaired
  •  You transport eligible handicapped persons
  •  You are a certified disabled veteran

A disabled person who is eligible may use the placard in any vehicle in which he or she is riding, with the placard itself displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard. It is against the law to misrepresent your eligibility for a placard or to use the placard when no one in the car at the time is eligible, caution the authors of Indiana Laws of Aging.

So how do you go about acquiring a disability placard? 
You fill out State Form 42070 (Application for Disability Parking Placard or Disability Plate).  The form must be certified by a physician with a valid and unrestricted license.  The form may be returned to the address shown on it or to any Indiana license branch..

This application may be downloaded from the website

How much does a placard cost? 
A temporary disability placard costs $5.00 and is valid for six months or up until the date indicated by the certifying physician is reached, whichever comes first.  A permanent disability placard is free.

What about lost, stolen, or destroyed placards? 
No fee is charged to issue a duplicate card to someone who is permanently disabled. Temporary placards cost $5 to reissue.

What’s the difference between a disability license plate and a disability placard?
A license plate is for your personal use on your own car. A placard can be moved from one vehicle to another.

– by Ronnie of the Rebecca W. Geyer & Associates blog team