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Not Every Disabled Parking Space is Created Equal

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2016 | Disabled

If you are not disabled, do not have the proper permit, placard or handicap license plates, please do not park in the designated accessible parking spaces, the Vantage Mobility International Company of Phoenixbegs. Not only is it frustrating for those that actually need the accommodations these spaces provide – but it is the law. Misusing someone else’s disability parking permit, VMI continues, means taking away a safe, accessible space for somebody that is genuinely disabled. 
Businesses are required to provide accessible parking spots for their disabled customers. These spaces must provide the shortest accessible route to the entrance of the building or facility. But not all accessible parking spaces are created equal, VMI explains. There are three different types of disabled parking:

  1. Designated accessible parking spaces are for disabled people in a standard vehicle.
  2. “Van accessible” parking with one-sided entry.
  3. “Van accessible: parking with two-sided entry.

Both #2 and #3 have space to accommodate wheelchair lifts. When there are white stripes next to the space, the lines demarcate an access lane which provides extra space for the wheelchair lifts or other assistive devices. 
Nearly a third of the US population are at least part-time caregivers, VMI reminds readers, and, on average, caregivers spend 20.4 hours per week assisting, advocating for, medicating, cooking for, counseling and transporting loved ones. “People don’t often realize how fast a common task can become overwhelming,” VMI says, and quick access to the convenient parking is just one of dozens of little ways to make the life of a disabled person a little bit easier.

The attorneys of Rebecca W. Geyer & Associates, PC understand.  Not only are there challenges, fears, and family dynamics that come into play with legal issues, our clients often deal with daily frustrations of caregiving and transportation. Not only are we committed to being responsive to client needs in a timely manner, responding to all client communications the same day they are received, we recognize that some clients may find it difficult to come to us.

Just as is true of parking spaces, we’ve found, when it comes to accessibility, not all estate planning and elder law firms are created equal. In keeping with our mantra of compassionate care for all generations, we are dedicated to being accessible to the disabled, and Geyer & Associates offers house calls and flexible appointment times to make that happen.