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Transportation Options for Indiana Seniors

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CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions is a not-for-profit agency, one of 700 Area Agencies on Aging nationwide. CICOA is not a government agency, but oversees state and federal funds and private donations to provide information, advocacy and support services for older adults, people with disabilities, and family caregivers.

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To take advantage of CICOA transportation services in Indiana, you must:

  • Be at least 60 years old
  • Live and travel in Marion County

There are essentially four types of Way2Go services to help Indiana seniors “get where they need to go”:

1. Shuttle services:
CICOA provides scheduled shuttles from various senior apartment complexes to grocery stores, banks, shopping centers, and other locations, at a cost of $2 per consumer per round trip.

2. Discount taxi fares:
Half-price taxi fare is provided through Indianapolis Yellow Cab. The system works through coupons, which may be bought via mail, phone, or in person for up to $35 (retail value $50).

3. Door2Door:
Door2Door transportation provides rides for medical appointments, pharmacy needs and grocery shopping within Marion County. Transportation is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. The cost is $5.00 per consumer for each roundtrip.

4. Wheelchair transportation:
Older adults who use wheelchairs can receive transportation vouchers through Indianapolis Yellow Cab for $6.00 per voucher, each good for a one-way trip for any purpose within Marion County. Drivers assist seniors from inside the doorway of their dwellings to entering and exiting the taxi, and getting inside the door at the destination.

“As parents get older, attempts to hold on to our independence can be at odds with even the most well-intentioned ‘suggestions’ from our children. We want to be cared about, but fear being cared for,” writes Clare Berman in the Atlantic, discussing “what aging parents want from their kids. “There’s a fine line between caring and controlling—but older adults and their grown children often disagree on where it is,” she remarks.

Here in Indiana, helping elderly parents connect with the CICOA Way2Go transportation options and discounts may be one way to stay within that fine line!