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Estate planning and natural disasters

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2019 | Estate Planning

Natural disasters take many forms, from tornados and hurricanes which bring heavy winds and destruction to blizzards, ice storms and wildfires. These disasters can be very disruptive and have a significant impact on the lives of many people in a particular area, leading to fatalities, serious injuries and major economic consequences. It is critical for those who anticipate natural disasters to do everything they can to prepare beforehand. For some, this may mean leaving their home for a period of time, but there are other ways in which people can prepare. For example, it may be very beneficial for those who endure a natural disaster to have an estate plan in place.

If you have an estate plan, you should try to protect critical documents from any damage and even store them digitally. Make sure that any personal representatives or trustees have copies of your estate plan and that they store these copies in a safe place. There are other considerations as well, such as creating a trust in which you name a backup trustee who lives in another state.

Aside from planning, there are other ways in which natural disasters can impact estate plans. For example, following a natural disaster, you may need to make key changes to your estate plan for a variety of reasons. It may be necessary to go over your estate plan because of damage to your home or property, or your financial circumstances may change in the wake of such a disaster. Natural disasters can strike unexpectedly, and it is imperative for those who are in the path of a disaster to be prepared in all ways.