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3 ways a probate attorney can assist your family

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2020 | estate administration

Preparing your estate for what happens after you die is vital, but after your death, the legal actions and other duties do not end. While you cannot be there to support your family through the probate process, they may want to hire a probate attorney who can help. 

You may want to discuss this with your family and help them to understand why you feel that hiring an attorney is a good option. It is always good to know that you are leaving your family in good hands, so planning for the hiring of an attorney is just one last step in preparing your estate. Here are three talking points that you can use:

1. Issues that come up

You probably do not want to think about your children or other heirs arguing about your estate after you die, but it happens. Even in situations where you think that you have handled everything, a dispute may arise. Wayforth explains that having an attorney on hand to assist with any conflicts can make reaching a resolution easier and quicker.

2. Court representation

When your estate goes to probate, several situations could occur that require legal representation for your heirs. If there is any question about any aspect of your estate, your family will need an attorney to assist them in court.

3. Legal document creation

Some things you cannot handle in your estate. This includes changing titles or drawing up legal documents to finalize your wishes, both of which must happen after your death. An attorney can assist with all these things, and he or she can make sure to handle all the final details of closing your estate. 

Knowing that you have taken care of every detail of your estate and planning for what happens after you are no longer here can put your mind at ease. It is nice to know that your heirs will have someone to guide them and help them through probate.